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Solution for Laboratories

Bring digital technology into your lab. Optimize your service.

Dental scanning is replacing dental impressions and casts as the preferred method of choice for both dentists and dental laboratories. This is not surprising, as dental scanning provides enhanced accuracy, quickness and process efficiency.

Introducing VIZ®: The best partner for your lab

VIZ digitizes dental labs, while offering a unique blend of advantages that save time, space and effort:

  • Be sharp: VIZ® dental scans are extremely precise, and are a suitable solution to standard dental impression accuracy error and return rates (20%). Contrary to impressions, the lab will know in real time if the scan is sufficient for precise lab work that perfectly fits the patient’s mouth.
  • Be quick: Dental scanning skips several dental impression stages, thus creating a quicker and more efficient process. In addition, less technicians are required throughout the process.
  • Be profitable: Dental impressions and casts take up lab space. Scan files, on the other hand, do not.
  • Be fast: With dental scanning, labs receive the STL file via the Internet, and do not have to wait for the impressions to arrive by courier.
  • Be open: VIZ® operates on an open scanning system that is fully compatible with all lab software, knowledge and expertise levels.
  • Be supported: Adin Digital trains and supports its partner labs throughout the entire VIZ® scan work process.
  • Be digital: With VIZ® scans, your lab is digitized from A to Z.


VIZ® is more than a scanner. It is a full-scale partner.           

VIZ® does more than provide labs with distinct professional advantages. Dental labs using VIZ® can also become ADIN Digital partners and distributers, thus contributing to their business.

VIZ® by Adin Digital. Everybody scan. For more information on our benefits for dental labs, contact us today