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Solution for Dentists

Take your practice to the next level. At an affordable price.

Modern technology has turned digital dentistry into a necessity. Dentists worldwide are switching from dental impressions and casts to digital scanning, as they realize that it allows them to save valuable time and money. Here’s why:

  • Intraoral scanning is more precise than impressions, which have an approximate 20% return rate.
  • Intraoral scanning is much faster than impressions, as it takes approximately 1/10 of the time.
  • The STL scan file is transferred to the lab at the click of a button.
  • The dentist immediately knows if the scan is sufficient for lab work. If not, he or she can immediately create another scan, with no time wasted.


Introducing VIZ®: A new vision for scanning

Adin Digital’s intraoral scanner was developed with a unique tagline in mind: Everybody Scan. As the vast majority of dentists use intraoral scanning as their preferred scanning method, we want them to benefit from maximum effectiveness, freedom, user-simplicity and affordability.

  • Fast, small and accurate: With a total weight (hand piece, tip and cable) of 250 grams and 42 x 44 x 260 mm dimensions, VIZ® is designed for easy, quick and effective scanning. Real-time three-dimensional imaging is produced at a rate of 10 frames per second, while scan duration takes approximately no longer than two minutes per half arch. The scanning procedure is supported by a tip pillow for enhanced control, accuracy and quickness.
  • Open STL files: Dentists should have maximum freedom to work with their lab of choice. VIZ® produces an open STL file that can be sent to any dental lab, as it fits all operating systems.
  • User-friendly: VIZ® comes with a dedicated laptop and installed software, which produce STL files after scanning. VIZ® easily turns on and off via one button. The scanning mirror warms up instantly, with no wait time.
  • Cost effective: VIZ’s cost-effectiveness is derived from its features, which include everything dentists need to produce accurate and quick scans – without the additional expensive features they don’t need.
  • Training: Adin Digital supplies dentists with free instruction, training and support, until they master the scanning process. VIZ® clients also have access to Adin Digital’s Helpdesk services, speaking their designated language. Software updates are free as well (for two years from date of purchase).



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