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As part of the ADIN family, ADIN Digital brings the group’s trademark manufacturing, distribution and service excellence to the digital dental world.

ADIN Digital’s mission is to make digital solutions available to all dental professionals.

We invest great effort in understanding our clients’ needs, so that we can provide cutting-edge digital products and services that serve each and every dentist and dental laboratory that wishes to swiftly progress into the digital world.

Digital solutions are not a passing trend – they are quickly becoming mandatory for all dental professionals. As current technology creates new opportunities for dental professionals to provide quicker, more accurate services, ADIN Digital’s goal is to supply “game changing” products that are not only state-of-the-art, but also cost-effective.

ADIN Digital’s vision is to provide opportunities for high-quality dental care to as many people as possible, all over the world.

adindigitalvizADIN Digital is committed to completing ADIN’s product portfolio with digital dentistry, and to reinforcing ADIN’s trademark “balance of excellence”: innovative, superbly designed and crafted products, at affordable prices, complete with top-level training, guidance and customer service. VIZ®, ADIN Digital’s digital oral scanner and first product, is a prime example of the realization of the company’s vision.

As a global company, ADIN Digital serves dentists and dental laboratories all over the world, in an attempt to create robust professional partnerships. The company’s multi-language customer service and training helps solidify the strength of its products’ significant added value.

ADIN Digital. Digital dentistry made simple. And affordable.